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Posted on December 28, 2018

5 ways you can support the cause of education

Education is the tool with which we can sculpt the future. As Aristotle rightly said “ Education is an ornament in prosperity, and a refuge in adversity” Backed by knowledge, nations can grow and prosper.

The pathway to a better life begins with Education. And there is absolutely no doubt that with education comes social transformation.  With adequate knowledge and skill, a child can make a decent livelihood, thereby defeating poverty.

Here are 5 noble ways you can support the cause of education:

Impart your knowledge to a Child:

Use your knowledge to tutor a child or many children. Knowledge is a gift that keeps growing exponentially. From subjects like History, trigonometry, to teaching an art, skill or philosophy, any knowledge that you share can benefit the child.

Share your ideas on online learning resources:

cause of education

Online learning websites like university of the people, udemy, coursera, Alison and more, offers you a chance to share your knowledge with the world by posting video lessons videos and course materials.

Sponsor Educational expenses of a student:

cause of education

Many students struggle with affording college education, and do not find means to pay for tuition. If you are well to do, then you can help a student grow and gain knowledge by sponsoring his/ her formal education.

Donate Funds for educational causes:

cause of education

Many NGOs like Smile Foundation, Kartavya Foundation trust, Vidya etc. collect funds for supporting kids education and paying tuition fees for underprivileged kids. You can donate to these organisations and help spread education with their education oriented initiatives.

Donate Books

cause of education

Real poverty is the lack of books. Make the world richer, by donating your used/ read books to the underprivileged. Take part in mass book drives, or simply collect your old magazines/journals/ textbooks and donate to a nearby school, college or library.

So go on, teach that little kid a math problem. Got more ideas on how you can support the cause of education? Join the discussion in the comments. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter or sign up to be a volunteer for our future programs.

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